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Update on The ShawU District

Dear ShawU Nation: We’re one step closer to realizing our full potential for developing The ShawU District! Thank you again to everyone who came out in support of The ShawU District rezoning request on Tuesday, May 2nd. At the Raleigh City Council meeting, the members extended the timeline for the case to revisit our rezoning request on June 20. To summarize the hearing, Council members expressed their appreciation for the high level of community engagement, acknowledging more than 600 emails received regarding The ShawU District. Based on input from the community and other stakeholders, three areas were highlighted to help shape the conversation moving forward:

  1. Written commitment related to outreach, engagement, and community meetings when developing The ShawU District master plan document;

  2. External monitoring of vibrations on development projects that occur near historic structures on the campus;

  3. Provision of additional terms related to the proposed long-term leasing development model and underlying ownership – and that both Shaw and the greater community will benefit from development of The ShawU District.

In case you were not able to attend or watch online, here is a link to the May 2nd City Council meeting. The ShawU District rezoning segment begins at 02:49:00. Thank you again for all your support – we look forward to seeing you on June 20.

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