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Request for Qualifications Campus Master Planning Services

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Shaw University is solicitng qualified firms to provide full campus master planning services for The ShawU District Master Plan. The goal of the master plan is to craft a document that will guide the physical development needed to support Shaw’s vision for The ShawU District. Toward this end, this Request for Qualifications outlines the University’s desired team composition, the anticipated scope of services, and schedule expectations. Please pay particular attention to these sections of this document as you prepare your proposals.

ShawU District Master Plan RFQ_72523[2802]-1
Download PDF • 2.80MB


Issue Date

Deadline for Written Questions

University Response to Written Questions

Proposal Due


​08/07/23 at 3pm EST

​08/14/23 at 5pm EST

​09/07/23 at 3pm

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